Practical Advice for a Better World

Real solutions for society’s biggest discords, concerns, and hopes for the future.

To his divided countrymen and tumultuous world, Thomas Paine offered Common Sense. For our contemporary discord, we need Practical Advice. Herein are more than a dozen groundbreaking yet realistic proposals for creating an efficient, versatile, and wholesome society around which all people can rally.

Practical Advice for a Better World considers new ideas arising from timeless principles. Each chapter addresses a facet of societal infrastructure, reviews its purpose, analyzes its current design, and recommends an agreeable refactorization unlike any rote offering. Every solution is derived from a priori reasoning and purposeful intention intended to reach the penetralia of each reader—regardless of background, demographic, or preconception—and encourage that person to dream that a better world is tangible.

The twelve main chapters address the following topics: pathways to citizenship, coming of age, marriage, land tenure, consumer rights, healthcare, elections and psephology, means of governance, taxation, justice and jurisprudence, aid and adminicle, and states of emergency.

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